Printing and Using Digi's: Help for Newbies

As far as using digi's, you have to know a few things;
First of all, the type of printer you have.  Is it ink jet or laser?  Most people have ink jet because laser printers are the costlier ones.
Some inks in an ink jet printer will run with Copics, others won't.  Test it out before you begin colouring an image.  If you have the type of ink that runs, try heat setting it.  That should set it enough to use.
Also check that your printer can take card stock That is something else you need to test out, because card stock is thicker than printer paper!  If it is a problem, there's a trick I learned from Holly.   Just tape an inch wide row of regular printer paper to the top of your card stock and feed that end in first.  The printer can grab the printer paper and it should go through smoothly. 

If you do have laser printer, you will def. have to heat set because lasers don't use ink, they use a type of embossing powder.  And if you are putting card stock in the printer, it is too thick for the heat of the printer to adequately penetrate the page.  So heat setting is a must.  But you can't use Copics with laser printers!  The alcohol in the markers just eats through the embossing and demolishes it!  But you can colour with Prisma pencils or water based inks or paints when using a laser printer.  

To print off the images, I recommend opening Word (if you have Microsoft Word program).  Here is what I do:

1. Open Word
2. Select "New blank document" and hit "open"
3. Do you see a little rectangle shaped window that comes up beside the blank template? At the top of that small rectangle, it says, "Formatting Palette"
The first option on the "Formatting Palette" rectangle says, "Add Objects".  Move the cursor onto that and click on it.  It should open a bunch more options for  you right under the "Add Objects" tab.  
4. One of the options it opens says, "Graphics" and under that it says "insert" and then there are three pictures.  The middle one that looks kinda like a landscape is the one you want.  Click on that landscape picture.  Then you will get a window that pops up prompting you to select a picture to load.  
5. Select the picture you want to load, click on the  "insert" button on the bottom right of that little window that opened. 
6. The picture should now appear on the blank document.  Now to resize it, move the cursor over the picture anywhere, and left click once.  You should see the first little rectangle titled "Formatting Palette" to expand with more options.  If you look down this list, you should see the resizing options.  You can click on the down or up arrows to make it smaller or bigger or else manually type in the number of inches you want.  
7.  Once you have the size you want, you just have to print it and then treat it as you would any stamped image. 

Hope that helps!