Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sparkle and Shine with Zoe

Hi everyone!!

It just so happens that today is my day to share a little "Sparkle and Shine" inspiration with you.

I am one that likes a challenge and I like to put myself in situations where I need to work out the solution. Where is all this going? Candles!! I am seeing all these absolutely stunning candles people are making and I wanted to make them too!

So after reading a number of tutorials and then watching how easy it was time and again on YouTube I was off to the local supermarket to pick up some cheap candles. Boy was THAT a mistake. I tried and tried and as soon as I took the heatgun to the candle it would turn into a puddle of wax. Five candles later... I went back to YouTube, watched more videos. These ladies made it all sound and look so easy. My candles were NOT doing that!

Undefeted, I decided it must be the candles! Off I went to find better candles. I figured if I spent a little more money maybe they would have longer burning wax.

Yes! That was definitely part of the problem. :) They still aren't perfect and I definitely need practice but it's a start. :)

I did come up with a tricky idea though! Using the stunningly gorgeous Daisy Butterfly digi stamp exclusive at Whimsy Stamps meant that I needed to tape down the tissue paper onto paper to put through the printer. My first attempt at this wasn't ideal because the tissue paper slightly lifted off the page in the centre and smudged. Sitting there thinking about it I noticed my roll of masking paper. Lightbulb moment!! So I carefully applied the tissue paper to the masking paper and then put it through the printer. It was flat, no creases and came out perfect. It also made it so much easier to cut around and it was easy to peel off.

I prettied up the candles with some rhinestones and ribbon and I made some sparkly butterfly charms and gems to add my sparkle and shine.

I hope I have inspired you to try something new that you have been wanting to try and if it doesn't quite go as planned don't give up!

Remember to enter your project in this months challenge to add it to the inlinkz found on Crissy's post here. We wont be able to track entries added to our individual posts.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs and take care

Zoe xxoo

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  1. Another jaw dropping moment gawking at one of your creations! Wowzers Zoe, there really are no limits with you is there! Very cool. I love these gorgeous candles! They would truly brighten up a room, pun intended lol!
    The flourishes look wonderful with them too. Awesome job Zoe!


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